Press Release

A Look Into The Glamorous World of Costumes

Fort Lauderdale – L’illusion du Plumage is a new production featuring more than 50 extravagantly feathered costumes showcased in four exciting segments, taking the audience on an exciting journey of savvy design, brilliant color and unimaginable size. Fantastically costumed dancers parade across the stage creating a mesmerizing spectacle you won’t want to miss. This is the allure of L’illusion du Plumage.

L’illusion du Plumage opens with the splendor of the quintessential symbol of glamour, excitement, and beauty that is showgirls, but with an unexpected twist. This time, the girls are wearing the bow tie.  

Audiences are then treated to a combination of unbelievable height and spectacular beauty with costumes accented in grandeur crescent sheens of bright blue and green. The designer reveals his masterful method of assembling one of his impressive 17-foot tall feather costume on stage for all to see.

Next, L'illusion du Plumage pays tribute to the wealth of African culture. Beaded tops, masks, and sticks adorn the performers’ bodies. A costume embellished with feathered flames that seemingly leap off stage in a spectacular display of sensuality and beauty that is sure to amaze audience members wherever their gaze may wander.

The final segment tells of the extreme twists and turns encountered on one’s journey through life. In its symbolic display, it uses the erratic forces of a 15-foot tall feathered twister juxtaposed against the tranquility of a peaceful rainbow, demonstrating the power of pride and confidence to see you through to brighter days ahead.